Enjeksiyon Temizleme MakinesiFuel System Cleaning Devices

The device of Automec designed as a longevous, reliable, versatile and effective machine. Automec designed machinal and electronıc for testing and cleaning simultaneously both diesel engines and gasoline engines including TDI, HDI and COMMON RAIL engines.

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Fren Test, Torna ve Hidrolik CihazlarıBrake Disc Lathe and Hydrolic Machines

Onboard Brake Disc Lathe Machine, Hydraulic Brake and Air Reception Device Automec Drum Lathe Machine

 Offered by OSM Automotive service and warranty, Automec Machines add your service high efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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spreyler.fwCelaner & Filler Sprays

Automec Brake Cleaner Spray, Automec Penetrating Oil, Automec chain sprey, Automec MSS Multi Super Spray, Automec Silicon Spray, Automec Motor Cleaner Spray, Automec Cockpit Spray, Automec Carburetor Cleaner Spray, Air Conditioning Cleaning Foam, Glass Cleaning Water,

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katkilar.fwInjection Cleaners &  Fuel Additives

Petrol Injection System and Valve Cleaner, Diesel Injection System Cleaner, Petrol Injection System Cleaner, Injection System Cleaner Cetane Number Improver, Radiator Stop Leak, Radiator Fast-Cleaner, Oil Additive Anti-Friction – Anti-Wearı, Motor Cleaner Spray,

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